OCT 23-27, 2019


Ruiz-Healy Art was founded in 2004 in San Antonio, Texas by Patricia Ruiz-Healy, Ph. D. and in 2019, a second location was opened in New York City. The gallery represents Latin American, Latinx, and Texas-based mid-career and established artists whose printmaking is a central part of their oeuvre. Ruiz-Healy Art specializes in presenting conceptual art that reflects the complicated identity and social issues of our time as well as artworks pertaining to a geometric abstraction aesthetic. The gallery is proud to be the exclusive representative of the Estate of Chuck Ramirez. As member dealers of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA), Ruiz-Healy Art demonstrates a high level of expertise and adhere to a strict code of conduct with professional integrity. 


201-A. East Olmos Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78212, US,
Tel: (210) 804-2219
Patricia Ruiz-Healy, Owner and Director

Richard "Ricky" Armendariz

Margarita Cabrera

Pedro Friedeberg

Ethel Shipton

Contemporary (1970+)